The Art Works of Richard Allen

“From the very first encounter, in the flesh, with the works of Australian artist Richard Allen, one longs to run one’s fingers along the canvas of all his paintings, abstract and figurative alike, because of the exciting surface textures. The impasto stippling, rippling, scraping and embossed effects give great depth and an added tactile dimension while in all his works, the linear is challenged by some sensuous curlicue, suggestive of living forms such as animal tails or curling plant fronds. Richard Allen the artist has carefully and thoughtfully balanced energy and calm, movement and stillness, exuberance and restraint, complex colouration and simpler monochromes, to produce works which are at once forceful and elegant and imbued with undeniable joie de vivre..”

Terence Rodrigues,  Historian and art critic 

“.. the unconscious thread throughout my work appears ultimately to be the search for the beauty in the marks man makes on the landscape and its inhabitants, marks often missed or just misjudged, and  their reflection of and on life, pulsing and coursing through the veins of our relationship with nature ”.

Richard Wigram Allen, Australian Artist

Richard Allen was recently profiled in Highlife Magazine in the Southern Highlands NSW.
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